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The Design Process
Building the Hull
Fitting Out - First Year
Fitting Out - Second Year
Fitting Out - Third Year
Fitting Out - Fourth Year
Fitting Out - Fifth Year
Fitting Out - Sixth Year




This is the story of the construction of a 36ft (11m) river boat to cruise the mighty Murray River across south east Australia in my retirement.  It is especially designed for very shallow water (15") by using an unusual Tunnel Stern design.


Physical construction started in July 2008, but the boat is still a long way from finished.  However, the evolution of the requirements definition, the development of the plans and the construction so far already represent an impressive list of mistakes, misunderstandings, false starts, and the bliss of sheer ignorance.  It has also been great fun and I hope that the story will be of interest and perhaps inspiration to others.


The unique underwater profile of “Rhapsody in Glue” is taken from a plan published by William Atkin in 1943 under the name "River Belle", whilst above the chine, the design both inside and out, is no one else's fault but mine.


Construction of the hull is complete and the fitting out is now well under way.  The Photo Links in the Left Sidebar will take you to a gallery of photographs of the project to date and the Tabs above lead to documents discussing progress in detail.








I can be contacted at alan (at) boman (dot) com